A production line for apprentices, The Unipres Training Academy will roll out the next generation of automotive experts.

Kitted out with state of the art training equipment and manned by experienced Unipres engineers, the Academy provides a perfect simulated manufacturing environment.

Current, factory-standard robotic equipment complements a modern learning environment, where future engineers are introduced to Unipres manufacturing.

Apprentices will receive hands-on training in welding, health and safety, work procedures, equipment start-up, labelling and quality systems, as well as addressing any needs in basic skills such as literacy and numeracy.

The Training Academy in Sunderland is a launchpad for not only Unipres trainees and apprentices, but those who will futureproof the North East automotive sector for generations.

Unipres Staff Picture

Industry standard machines in Training Academy

Unipres recruits around 30 apprentices a year

The Academy will average 50 apprentices a year

New Unipres Training Academy

Unipres UK used its 30th anniversary celebrations to launch a new Training Academy at its Washington plant, that will help upskill employees and provide a classroom for the factory’s apprentices.

A new state of the art home has been created for the Academy, which outgrew its former base at Washington Business Centre, boasting VR crane simulation and welding equipment, specially-created IT-equipped classrooms and direct access to the plant’s manufacturing equipment and in-house expertise.

The Training Academy has delivered training to over 50 enthusiastic young apprentices as well as 80 existing staff since it opened just over two years ago. It has also helped attract more young females to engineering, opened vital links with local schools and has become a valuable asset in our constant effort to upskill employees.

Unipres welcomes North East Ambition Pilot

Unipres was pleased to welcome Year 6 pupils from Bexhill Primary Academy in Sunderland as part of a new pilot programme led by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership, supported by the EY Foundation and the European Social Fund, designed to build ambition from an early age.

The North East Ambition Primary Pilot helps primary schools deliver age-appropriate careers guidance and the pupils were able to experience the working environment and sample the job opportunities on their doorstep.

College Partnership

Unipres is proud to partner with Hartlepool College, which delivers high-quality training to our talented apprentices, like maintenance apprentice, Megan Gorman.

Megan and Unipres UK Ltd Operations Director, John Cruddace, feature in the college’s fantastic new promotional video “Hartlepool College Life”, which showcases the way it works with business to give students a fantastic learning experience.

Virtual Reality Training

Unipres employs cutting edge technology at the Training Academy to ensure all apprentices receive the best learning experience possible, such as VR welding tech, seen here.

Unipres Academy gallery

Roles and careers at Unipres

At Unipres, we drive to recruit not only the best, but the best for the job. Click here to find your new career

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