Guided by our motto “Unified commitment to manufacturing”, Unipres pioneers an extensive line of lightweight, high-tensile strength steel (HTSS) products for the automotive industry.

Superior products

Striving to provide “Quality, Cost, Delivery, Morale and Safety”, Unipres creates superior products that achieve both top quality and cost competitiveness, always striving to improve. Solving the problem of achieving both light bodyweight and safety, Unipres has pioneered HTSS technology in its product design to create super-light, super-strong products for Nissan, Renault and Honda, to name just a few.

Unipres Modern Manufacturing Press Front Camera

Modern Manufacturing

Modern Car bodies boost fuel efficiency by being lighter, while improving safety.

Unipres specialises in press processes using high tensile strength steel, tailored blank welding, and hot press technology to make components lighter and safer.

The company has installed high-productivity 3,000-ton transfer presses and state-of-the-art hot press technology, pioneering a wide range of solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers.

Unipres Hot Press

Hot Press

Unipres heats steel before it is stamped, to create parts with high component strength.

“Hot forming” produces automotive components with lower sheet thickness, reducing weight while retaining strength and allowing more complex parts to be made.

The press forces required for the process become lower, with high tensile cold-formed parts requiring 3,000 tonnes of pressure requiring only 800 tonnes when hot-formed.

Unipres Robot Welding

Manufacturing Technology 

Unipres prides itself on using advancing technology across all of our operations. 

With Kaizen as one of our core principles, we endeavour to find and create ways of improving manufacturing as a whole, through advanced engineering, innovative technology, automation, mobile technology and systems integration.

Unipres products

Unipres designs and manufactures a range of products that make cars safer. Supplying to global brands like Nissan, Renault and Honda, Unipres UK has established a reputation for excellence from our base in Sunderland.

Producing press-formed automotive components, Unipres is a major driver of the local economy, employer, and promoter of up-skilling. A major global player in the global automotive industry, Unipres has an international reach, supplying products developed at its 127,000m2 plant across Europe and beyond.

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