Unipres recruits, develops and empowers a workforce that is at the cutting edge of engineering innovation.

Driven by skills development, the company has invested in creating the pioneering Unipres Training Academy that will help train around 50 apprentices per year for the automotive industry.

The Sunderland factory, which employs over 1,000 people, provides a plethora jobs across a host of specialisms including: engineering, machining, design, maintenance, human resources, administrative roles and freight logistics.

A regional leader in promoting skills development, Unipres is included in the Register of Training Organisations with EAL; been honoured by receiving an Investment in Apprenticeship Award from the North East Apprenticeship Network for its quality provision of apprenticeships, and secured a grant from the SFA for staff development and training.

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 “The Academy caters for all levels of educational achievement, but I really want to catch those who slip through the cracks – young people who aren’t academically-minded, but we can develop their practical abilities and provide an interesting and challenging career for them.”

Gary Graham

Unipres Managing Director

Women in Manufacturing

Unipres is a passionate advocate for women in engineering and manufacturing.

The automotive sector is thriving, and offers an exciting and rewarding career pathway for bright minds entering the industry. 

Unipres is founded on a desire for finding solutions, embracing technologies, developing and making the products that make vehicles safer. 

We know the value a diverse team can add to our business and we believe in equal opportunities – talent shines through, regardless of gender… and talent and enthusiasm is what we are looking for.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the gender split in manufacturing is 74% men and 26% women. Unipres, and the automotive industry as a whole, hopes to close this gap.

From shop-floor to top-floor we want to encourage the recruitment and retention of women in manufacturing.

T-Level pioneers

Unipres is committed to pushing the skills agenda and helping young people prepare for the workplace.

The automotive sector offers a wealth of exciting career opportunities for enthusiastic young people, and we were delighted to named as one of the pilot project for the Government’s new T-Level qualifications.

Unipres attracts the brightest young minds, but we will never rest on our laurels. We appreciate the need to adopt new programmes that help smooth that transition from the classroom to a career. T-Levels do just that, affording students invaluable time working with an employer.

Watch the video to hear how our three T-Level students are enjoying life at Unipres.

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Roles and careers at Unipres

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