With a local focus and a global outlook, Unipres has been based in Sunderland for almost three decades.

A major global player

The focal point of Unipres operations in Europe, Unipres is proud to be part of a community with a rich history of making things. Wearside may no longer manufacture ships, but it leads Europe in automotive production prowess.

A manufacturer of press-formed automotive components, Unipres is much more than a manufacturer of car parts – it is a driver of the local economy, a creator of employment, and an enhancer of skills.

A major global player in the global automotive industry, Unipres has an international reach, supplying products developed at its 127,000m2 plant across Europe and beyond.

Unipres Staff Picture
3000T Unipres Automotive Manufacturer

Quality, Cost, Delivery, Morale and Safety
– a commitment

Unipres endeavours to create the perfect balance for manufacturing excellence, striving to maintain the ideal environment to provide Quality, Cost, Delivery, Morale and Safety.

Guided by the Unipres motto of ‘unified commitment to manufacturing’, we have established the Unipres Production System (UPS) to create superior products that achieve both top quality and cost competitiveness, and we strive to make improvements daily.

The Unipres Sunderland plant mixes traditional engineering skill with cutting-edge facilities and processes.

Products are manufactured with speed to high specification and can be fitted onto a Nissan chassis within 20 minutes of rolling off the Unipres production line.

Roles and careers at Unipres

At Unipres, we drive to recruit not only the best, but the best for the job. Click here to find your new career

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